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Calcium & Liver Support Tea

Calcium & Liver Support Tea


This tea is a pregnancy tea and is best consumed throughout pregnancy from the second trimester and on. This tea is also beneficial postpartum to help rebuild lost calcuim and mineral stores after pregnancy, nourishes the liver and tones the uterus. 


Benefits of Calcium & Liver Support Tea:

  • This blend nourishes the body during pregnancy and helps to tone and prepare the uterus for birth.
  • This blend also gently supports the liver in functioning more optimally. It is ideal for those who have a history of developing pre-eclampsia, cholestasis or PUPPPS in pregnancy.
  • This blend also helps to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding after birth caused by uterine atony, and increases calcium and mineral stores in the body throughout pregnancy.


This purchase comes with instructions for how to brew your tea.


**This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. Please always consult your healthcare provider before taking any herbs in any form, including herbal tea.**

  • Return Policy

    No exchanges, returns or refunds are accepted.

  • Herbs contained in this blend:

    • Oatstraw
    • Dandelion
    • Nettles
    • Red Raspberry
    • Alfalfa
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