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Courtney Scott, Homebirth Midwife in San Diego, CA


I'm Courtney Scott - a community based, Certified Professional Midwife, licensed by the Medical Board of California, here to assist you with all of your reproductive and wellness needs.


I specialize in healthy living, gynecological wellness, low-risk pregnancy, physiologic birth (homebirth) and newborn care.


My practice focus is on inclusive, respectful, individualized, and informed choice care. I believe that you know your body the best and I'm here to collaborate with you!

Homebirth Midwife line drawing drinking coffee or tea

I might be the homebirth midwife for you if...

You want informed choice to be the foundation of your care, so you feel empowered and supported in making decisions that resonate with your truth.

You want to be truly heard and have each of your needs, questions and concerns mindfully addressed by your midwife.

You want a better quality of care that is individualized to your health and needs, rather than the status quo or a blanketed protocol.

You want to utilize nutrition, wellness and healthful living as the main support measures for health imbalance and wellness.

You want a care provider who provides you with compassionate and respectful care.

Interested in working together?

Are you...

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midwife hands holding newborn baby's feet
homebith pregnant woman meditating

My care under Courtney was exceptional. Courtney changed my life and opened my eyes to what birth can really be! A powerful and life changing/transformative experience and I will forever be grateful to her.

- Leigh S.

  San Diego


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