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Two of my big goals for midwifery care are to make it more sustainable for midwives and more accessible to the community. In order to do this, I've set up a few different paths to improve access and outcomes for both future midwives and community clients.

If you're here just because you love midwifery care and you want to make midwifery more sustainable and accessible, there are ways that you can help below, too!

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Interested in becoming a midwife?

Looking for a preceptor?

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Do you need access to more affordable midwifery care?

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Do you love midwifery care and want to support access to midwives?

Have you considered becoming a midwife, but you're not sure how to "make it work"?

Have you considered becoming a midwife? Are you looking for a clinical preceptor? There's a lot to consider when choosing someone to learn from and work with during your apprenticeship.

My goal is to make midwifery studentship sustainable and practical for the midwife-in-training. If you're interested in working together, let's connect!

Become A Midwife
Accessible Midwifery Care

There are lots of options to make midwifery care more affordable and accessible to you!

Midwifery Care Fund:

Every year, I am able to offer a steeply discounted rate to one to two clients per year (at about 50% of my fee) from my community give-back fund. This one requires some planning in advance, because it takes time to re-build the fund after it is used. You may apply to be added to the waitlist for fund benefits by filling out the application below. You may also apply if you are not pregnant, but plan to be in the future (just keep in mind that this fund is only awarded to those who are currently pregnant when it becomes available). This fund is not a discount program for everyone. This fund is set up specifically to help those with financial needs or other at-risk populations who wouldn't otherwise be able to utilize or access midwifery care. See application for specific requirements:


Extended Payment Plans:

I also offer generous payment plans for those who need one. Typically the entire fee is due in full by your 36th week of pregnancy. If you need an extended payment plan, you may pay a minimum of half of the global fee by your 36th week of pregnancy and pay off the remaining balance within three months from your 36th week of pregnancy. This gives you an additional three months to pay in full. If you need more time beyond that, we can discuss options in-person. *All payment plans are discussed and agreed upon at the start of care.*


Medical Loan:

Another option for extending a payment plan and lowering the monthly rate that you pay is to apply for a medical loan. United Medical Credit offers medical loans to help cover partial or full midwifery care costs. Application and approval time has a quick turn around so you can start care within days. Click here to apply!



I also occasionally accept full or partial barter when the trade is right. I am currently accepting offers for: chiropractic care for my family, acupuncture treatments, CSA box, body work (massage, CST). If the goods or service you provide aren't on this list, reach out! We may be able to work out a trade.


Creative Funding:

In the past, I've had several clients get creative in funding their midwifery care. One great idea is to ask for donations to a midwifery fund in lieu of baby shower gifts (and purchasing/receiving inexpensive baby items second-hand instead). It's also never too late to start saving for your midwifery care - set aside an amount each month before you start trying to conceive... By the time you're pregnant, you'll already have funds available, reducing the payments down the road.


And if finances are THE thing standing in the way of your family receiveing midwifery care - please, reach out!! I'm always happy to discuss options specific to your family's needs.

Insurance Coverage

As an autonomous Licensed Midwife, I am considered an out of network provider. This means many insurance plans do not cover my services automatically. However, with some plans you may be able to get reimbursed a portion of the fee after your care is complete. I work directly with a medical biller who can verify benefits before you start care so you know exactly what you're getting into financially, and who also advocates for reimbursement on your behlaf, so the process is as stress free as possible. While it's not a guarantee how much you'll get reimbursed, or if you'll get reimbursed at all, it's worth a shot to try! The medical biller doesn't get paid unless you get reimbursed, and her fee is 10% of your reimbursement. The most success with reimbirsement is through PPO and POS plans, and some success with HMO plans.

Medi-Cal Insurance

Unfortunately, I am not currently a Medi-Cal provider, which means Medi-Cal does not cover my services. If you would still really like to work together, let's meet to discuss what your budget is and how we can work out a sliding scale rate or payment plan that works for you. If you qualify for and have Medi-Cal coverage, I offer a generous discount. Please get in touch so we can discuss. If you simply cannot afford to pay any amount out-of-pocket, we are very fortunate to have other local midwifery options for those with Medi-Cal insurance plans. I highly recommend and love Best Start Birth Center (a freestanding birth center), Acorn Birth Center (freestanding birth center and homebirth practice), and UCSD Birth Center (an in-hospital birth center).

Midwifery Care


In order to make midwifery care more affordable and accessible to those in the community, especially at-risk populations and those with financial needs,  I offer one to two Midwifery Care Fund awards per year. This allows someone to receive a 50% discount on midwifery services!

This fund grows in a few ways. The first - whenever any client hires me, I automatically set aside $100 from their global fee and add it to the fund. The second way is by accepting outside donations from people like you! Third, scroll down to access affiliate links - 100% of income from purchases made through affiliate links goes directly into the fund.

Because the Midwifery Care Fund is only available as often as it grows, outside donations are crucial for allowing more people to utilize this fund. The more donations we receive, the more people who will be able to access affordable midwifery care.

If you'd like to make a tax-exempt donation to the Midwifery Care Fund, you can do so in a few different ways...

Everyone who donates will receive a receipt as proof of their donation for tax purposes and updates as the funds are awarded.

Any amount helps!

In deepest gratitude, thank you for changing the lives of families in such a meaningful way.

baby born into midwife's hands

For more information about the Midwifery Care Fund and to learn about who is able to apply to receive the award...

To donate via PayPal:

To donate via Venmo:

Contact Courtney directly to donate another way:

Support Access to Midwives
Amazon Donations
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Do you shop on Amazon and want to donate to the Midwifery Care Fund with the purchases you make without paying extra? 

Your support for making midwifery care sustainable and accessible is deeply appreciated!

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