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Individualized, holistic prenatal care.

In an impersonal maternity care system where providers spend an average of five to ten minutes with their patients during prenatal visits, most folks aren't getting their questions answered and feel like their care is lacking personalization. Even if you don't plan to give birth to your baby at home, you can utilize complementary midwifery prenatal care for a more positive, wellness-focused and well-rounded foundation of prenatal care for you and your growing baby.

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Family Maternity

Midwifery care is known for promoting wellness, reducing risks and improving outcomes during pregnancy and birth. A huge part of this process takes place during prenatal care. Your prenatal visits will focus on care that is individualized to your specific needs, with visits averaging 45-60 minutes. All of your concerns are addressed, all questions are answered, and you will leave our visits feeling positive and empowered.

Midwifery Prenatal Care

Topics Covered:

  • Body Positive & Trauma Informed, Respectful, Compassionate Care

  • Family-Centered Care

  • Informed Choice with all decisions

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Supplement and Herbal Recommendations

  • Thyroid Testing

  • Nutrient Testing

  • Additional testing as desired/indicated

  • Spinning Babies Body Balancing for Pregnancy Comfort & Optimal Fetal Positioning

  • Unbiased Pregnancy & Childbirth Education on Desired Topics

  • Breastfeeding Education & Preparation

  • Emotional Support

  • Monitoring of you and your baby's health and wellbeing throughout the course of the pregnancy

  • Complementary Modality Referrals (chiropractor, acupuncture, naturopath, etc)

  • And More!

Full Prenatal Course of Care:

​Visits take place once per month until 28 weeks, twice per month until 36 weeks and then weekly thereafter until birth. Additional appointments are made as needed, and we typically spend an average of 45-60 minutes together during each visit. If you live in Ocean Beach / Point Loma, check out Community Care and have all of your care done in the comfort of your own home!

Individual Visits:

For those who would like to supplement their prenatal care with visits here and there, individual visits can be scheduled as needed. 

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Midwifery Prenatal Care
$3,000 (full care) or
$350 initial & $200/follow-up visit

The cost of labs are not included in this fee - generously discounted cash pay rates are offered, some insurance plans can be billed to cover labs.

Full care includes prenatal visits at the standard maternity care schedule, acute visits as needed, and access to Midwife Courtney for questions, concerns and support between visits. 

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