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Do you live in Ocean Beach / Point Loma?

One important aspect of providing care to my community is a goal to keep my practice as local as possible. My family and I live right in the heart of Ocean Beach - and this is where my husband was born and raised! We love our neighborhood beach town, our neighborhood school, our neighbors. And we love supporting our community from within. What better way to grow your Ocean Beach / Point Loma family than to birth local!

Benefits to hiring your community midwife...

Community midwifery care hands holding growing plant future of community

Community Focused: Your care provider is someone who is part of your community and cares about your community just as much as you do.


In-Home Visits: You have the option to have some, most or even all of your care done in the comfort of your own home.

Local: Your care provider lives in close proximity to you, which makes it easier to swing by for things like a last-minute check up or to pick up a recommended supplement.

Barter: Do you own a local business, too? Sometimes arrangements can be made to barter goods/services for your care. This is the essence of true community-based care - people and businesses supporting each other through their talents and skills.

Who is Community Care available to?

Anyone who resides in Ocean Beach (92107) or Point Loma (92106) while under care.

Which services are offered for Community Care?

All services are available under community care to Ocean Beach and Point Loma residents.

Interested in working together?

Are you...

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Courtney Scott, homebirth midwife in San Diego, CA
Midwife Courtney, San Diego homebirth midwife and wellness care

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