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Mother holding newborn baby at homebirth with midwife
Postpartum Belly Binding for better postpartum recovery
Happy homebirth fmily with newborn baby

Postpartum Belly Binding is offered as a gift to all of my midwifery and birth doula clients. If you are interested in these services, please check out the Midwifery Care and Advanced Birth Doula pages.

Postpartum Belly Binding is also offered as an add-on service for those who reserve Placenta Encapsulation Services.

For those who would like to book Belly Binding services as an individual service, you can book directly with our Placenta Specialist, Marissa Lavroff, below...

I originally learned Traditional Bandage Binding from a dear midwife friend of mine, who first learned of postpartum belly binding from her grandmother, and then later learned how to put it into practice from people she supported during their postpartum time. Postpartum belly binding is a tradition that has been passed down in many cultures to promote healing and well-being for the postpartum birthing person.


The benefits of belly binding include helping your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size, helping your abdominal muscles heal together correctly, to help your organs relocate themselves in your abdomen, decrease postpartum bleeding and prevent hemorrhaging, provides support and posture assistance during breastfeeding, prevents cold [imbalance] from entering your body, gives you a sense of "togetherness," security and comfort.


Traditional Bandage Binding is done with large elastic bandages that are wrapped back and forth around your waistline and secured with medical tape. The bandages are lightweight and breathable enough to be worn under clothes and while sleeping at night, but also have enough elastic to achieve the desired fit.

Postpartum woan receiving postpartum belly binding from midwife at homebirth

The bandage binding made me feel secure, my organs supported, and helped me to maintain a better posture

Taya G.


The belly binding blew my mind. My belly button returned to its normal shape after the first night!


Jessica G.​

San Diego

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