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Big Placenta Encapsulation News!

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Wow, this journey into midwifery has been a big one! You can read more about it over here. Since opening my practice, which I am thankful to say is thriving, I've had to reconsider my availability for other services that I normally offer (and have been offering for years). Although placentas are my absolute favorite - they are truly such fascinating organs - I've finally decided to pass the encapsulation torch to a lovely fellow placenta encapsulation specialist. I am even more thrilled to tell you that she's joining my team! This means you can still book your placenta encapsulation services right here on the website and I'll still be available to answer any questions you have as part of your placenta encapsulation care team.

Marissa Lavroff San Diego Placenta Encapsulation Specialist
Marissa Lavroiff, PES

I'd love to introduce you to my wonderful friend and colleague, Marissa Lavroff. She is a mother of one (soon to be two!) who is originally from the East coast, but has lived in San Diego for several years. She adventures through life with her husband, Aaron, children Fiona and Timothy (bump baby), and giant cuddly dog, Thor. When she's not supporting birthing families with postpartum wellness options, she enjoys spending time at the beach, rock climbing, hiking and camping with her family. She is so excited to take excellent care of you by preparing your body's most special organ into nature's best postpartum wellness aid.

Also! Those of you who have hired me to be your homebirth midwife or birth doula monitrice will receive a $50 discount on placenta encapsulation services if you book with us! We want this service to be accessible and affordable, because we know how wonderful the benefits can be!

If you have questions about placenta encapsulation, you can visit the placenta encapsulation page here or get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

In Gratitude,



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