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Office Visits or Home Visits?

One aspect of care that I am so excited to provide is community care - providing midwifery services for the community in which I live. If you live in the Ocean Beach and Point Loma area of San Diego, you have the option to have some or all of your care done in the comfort of your own home. Yes - all home visits for prenatal care, birth, postpartum care and wellness visits. I have always loved the idea of the local family practice doctor - the care provider who lives in the same town as the patients s/he serves, treating them in their own homes when they need care. This localized type of care builds community and reduces time and resource waste caused by excessive travel. It also allows for a more connected experience with your care provider. If you need to swing by to pick up a book from my lending library, or if you need me to drop in for a quick check on baby, doing so is convenient and practical. I am also open to supporting my community with fair exchange for midwifery services. If you own a local to OB/PL business and you'd like to barter goods/services for midwifery care, let's talk!

If you are not local to Ocean Beach or Point Loma (or if you are, but you prefer to meet at my office), I have a lovely office located in Mission Hills on Goldfinch. It's a beautiful space, which I share with a dear midwife friend, Ceniza Reed of Woven Midwifery, and another friend, Kiersten Markham, who practices Craniosacral Therapy (if you've never heard of craniosacral therapy, it's amazing, and you should look into it!). Our office sits on the second floor of a quiet building tucked away on the edge of Mission Hills. The space gets a nice breeze and there's always a cup of tea with your name on it! Your children are welcome to join us for visits, as well as your partner and any other loved one you'd like to join us.

If you're not sure yet what your plans are for midwifery care, let's connect. I'd love to meet with you at your preferred location for a no-charge consultation to answer all of your questions. I'm excited to meet you soon!

In Gratitude,


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