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Balance - Maintenance V-Steam

Balance - Maintenance V-Steam


This blend is ideal for those of you who would like to maintain a healthy vaginal flora and pH balance, and keep your cycles regular and symptom-free. 


This blend contains enough herbs for 18 steams, which is enough to last 3-4 cycles, depending on whether you choose to steam weekly or pre/post period. Should you choose to combination steam (steam pre/post period and weekly between periods), this blend will last you a little over one cycle (great for an initial intensive regimen).


For more information on the benefits of herbal steaming, steam setup options & specific steam plans, check out the Herbal Steam Guidebook in the shop. 

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    No exchanges, returns or refunds are accepted.

  • Herbs contained in this blend:

    • Motherwort
    • Rose
    • Lavender
    • Nettles
    • Mint
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