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Welcome - Pre-Conception V-Steam

Welcome - Pre-Conception V-Steam


This blend is ideal for those of you who are preparing for conception and pregnancy. Ideally, you will steam for 3-6 cycles before trying to conceive. This prepares the womb to receive and nourish the future pregnancy, restores harmony to any imbalances that may be preventing implantation and fosters connection between you and your wombspace before inviting a new soul into your womb. 


This blend contains enough herbs for 18 steams, which is enough to last 3-4 cycles, depending on whether you choose to steam weekly or pre/post period. Should you choose to combination steam (steam pre/post period and weekly between periods), this blend will last you a little over one cycle (great for an initial intensive regimen).


For more information on the benefits of herbal steaming, steam setup options & specific steam plans, check out the Herbal Steam Guidebook in the shop. 

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  • Herbs contained in this blend:

    • Motherwort
    • Rose
    • Lavender
    • Nettles
    • Mint
    • Astragalus
    • Vitex Berry
    • Marshmallow Root
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